Zhenglun Liang medicación.

Fengcai Zhu, M.D medicación ., Wenbo Xu, M.D., Jielai Xia, Ph.D., Zhenglun Liang, Ph.D., Yan Liu, M.P.H., Xuefeng Zhang, M.D., Xiaojuan Tan, Ph.D., Ling Wang, Ph.D., Qunying Mao, M.Sc., Junyu Wu, Ph.D., Yuemei Hu, M.D., Tianjiao Ji, M.P.H., Lifei Melody, M.Sc., Qi Liang, M.P.H., Baomin Zhang, M.P.H., Qiang Gao, M.Sc., Jingxin Li, M.Sc., Shenyu Wang, M.Sc., Yuansheng Hu, M.P.H., Shanru Gu, M.D., Jianhua Zhang, M.D., Genhong Yao, M.D., Jianxiang Gu, M.D., Xushan Wang, M.D., Yuchun Zhou, M.D., Changbiao Chen, M.D., Minglei Zhang, M.D., Minquan Cao, M.D., Junzhi Wang, Ph.D., Hua Wang, M.D., and Nan Wang, M.Sc.12 The vast majority of severe cases and fatal cases occurred in children younger than three years old.

Research teams from MU, University of Missouri-Kansas Town , Missouri Botanical Garden, University of Texas and Georgetown University will partner with Quinton Johnson, director of the South African Organic Science and Medicine Institute and co-director of TICIPS at the University of the Western Cape, University of Cape City, University of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, and South African traditional healers. Together, they shall research the medicinal properties, safety and efficiency of several African plant life in use today by traditional healers.