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And in fact, it’s the most powerful tool available against the mosquitoes that spread malaria. That’s why, in spite of its sketchy status, the Who also and others decided to support its use in Africa, as I reported last summer. Studies such as this are misused and misinterpreted often. But the implications of dismissing DDT’s benefits are far too serious to contemplate. ** On a completely unrelated note, yesterday was my last day as senior news editor at Nature Medication.In Henan province, a county hospital refused to operate on wheat farmer Zhu Weidong’s 45-year-old wife, who acquired cervical tumor. Zhu, who spoke on condition that his wife remain anonymous, said he previously to take her to the provincial capital. Including travel and other expenses, the procedure cost 40,000 yuan – a third a lot more than at a local service – which Zhu acquired to borrow from relatives and friends. Similarly, a 31-year-older civil servant in the central city of Chongqing stated his doctor recommended a liver biopsy after he reported severe lower back pain, but declined to transport it out once he tested positive for the virus.