As summarized in the American Journal of Preventive Medication article.

No conclusions were drawn for cancer risks connected with particular alcoholic beverages types such as for example vodka, beer or wine. However, alcohols comprising higher %ages of acetaldehyde and nitrosoamines pose a larger risk. On the other hand, it was confirmed that spirits like burgandy or merlot wine which contain phytochemicals/phenolic compounds, which are cancer-combating naturally, display decreased relative risk. However, the most important question as to whether there are any known secure levels of alcohol intake is thought to be challenging to answer, according to the authors of the study.The CAD program highlights these areas on the images, alerting the radiologist to the feasible need for further analysis. We are excited to have partnered with iCAD to conduct this important clinical research, stated Michael J. Morales, ACR Image Metrix general manager. Our organizations have organic synergy relating to the use of imaging technologies as predictive and prognostic equipment. The delivery of the data to their organization allows for the further advancement of solutions that truly impact patient medical diagnosis and outcomes. .

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