Alessandro Capucci.

Study Procedures After offering written informed consent, patients had their pacemaker or ICD programmed according to protocol-specific configurations.20 The device was programmed so that atrial tachycardia was detected when the heart rate reached 190 beats per minute, electrogram storage was activated, and the atrial fibrillation suppression algorithm was switched off. At a clinic go to three months later, the devices were interrogated to be able to classify individuals according to whether a subclinical atrial tachyarrhythmia had occurred or had not occurred since the period of enrollment.The Phase II trial shall start as early as possible, hopefully early next year.’ Dr. Frank Mattner, Co-founder and CSO, adds: ‘It is part of our strategy in the first phase of vaccine advancement to focus on several candidate, if feasible. In this real way, we diversify our risk. Predicated on this, we can then back the first instance the most promising candidate and put the others on hold potentially. This is exactly what we did with our Alzheimer’s vaccination system and the outcome in the Stage I trials at this stage enabled us to make this decision earlier than we expected also to offer a booster vaccination to the Advertisement02-treated patients.