Alcon Manufacturing.

Advanced Medical Optics settles patent infringement suits with Alcon Advanced Medical Optics has announced that it has reached funds with Alcon, Inc., Alcon Manufacturing, Ltd medication information . And Alcon Laboratories, Inc., resolving all pending patent infringement lawsuits between the companies on technologies found in ophthalmic surgery. Under the agreement, of June 30 which has an effective date, 2006, Alcon can pay AMO a lump sum of $121 million. The parties agree to dismiss all existing patent litigation rather than to sue on the patents at issue, including the use of multiple viscoelastics in one surgical procedure.

Furthermore, these techniques were able to improve program quality by further minimizing the amount of radiation normal cells received. The study, entitled Dynamic Jaws and Dynamic Couch in Helical TomoTherapy, was led by Dr. Florian Sterzing of the Department of Radiation Oncology at University Clinic Heidelberg to explore the benefits of the Advanced TomoTherapy Delivery Technique. This delivery technique would depend on a powerful collimator that may automatically adjust how big is rays beam to optimize dosage at the mark and spare surrounding healthful tissue. Another key element will be a patient sofa that can be made to accelerate treatment time by moving faster between target tumors or in those areas that usually do not require high dosages of radiation.