Transcriptionists and other healthcare professionals use these services to produce.

ZyDoc is a development partner with SUNY Computer Sciences at Stony Brook, a ScanSoft platinum dealer, and an IBM Premier Business Partner Speech.. About companyZyDoc is an award-winning transcription service and software companies the automated electronic health-record documentation and infrastructure ASP legacy replacement solutions offers. Transcriptionists and other healthcare professionals use these services to produce, organize, and distribute multi-specialty patient electronic medical records in Community Health Information Network . ZyDoc solves the PC literacy, data entry bottleneck, implementation and cost issues, the further clinical documentation and transcription companies plague.

AvailabilityHurricane services can by enrolling at the try it free link on the secure website and start with the promo Katrina Then contact the ZyDoc Operations Center at 631-273-6125. Software company your user name and password. Dictation can be started immediately with a low-cost digital handheld recorders or the TelDoc 800 service. Completed documents. Secure with confidential access by the author on website Documents can be faxed using the ZyDoc FaxDoc system automatically and can be accessed or downloaded and printed from any computer with Internet access.. Jim Maisel, Chairman of ZyDoc explains, ZyDoc technology platform offers a number of benefits to the disaster area to infrastructural limitations by service outages and temporary personnel shortages and displacement of people imposed overcome doctors, hospitals, legal, rescue and transcription companies ZyDoc ZyDoc infrastructure and transcription start of the work within a few minutes ZyDoc our our excess capacity immediately to the medical community free on a first-come first-served basis, can be restored to service .AHIMA detects the right of public to exact and sensitive personal health information, and the need for advanced procedures, processes and standards which secure their medical records. Over AHIMA.

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