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Through a series of experiments, researchers led by Yasuhiko Kizuka, Shinobu Kitazume, and Naoyuki Taniguchi at RIKEN, in collaboration with Tamao Shigeo and Endo Murayama at the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, showed that much of the BACE1 found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease individuals is modified by the attachment of a specific sugar with the help of the enzyme GnT-III. Hypothesizing that preventing this process would relieve Alzheimer's symptoms, the researchers crossed mice that lacked GnT-III with others that express individual APP in the mind. Next, they showed that removing the sugared variations of BACE1 is effective in stopping plaque formation because BACE1 without the sugar is destroyed and cannot interact with APP... 3 states to vote on health insurance mandate Kaiser Health News staff writer Aimee Miles reviews: ‘Voters in Arizona, Colorado and Oklahoma will have the chance Tuesday to repudiate the new healthcare law’s keystone provision, one which requires everyone to have medical health insurance or encounter a tax penalty beginning in 2014’ . Read entire story. This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J.