Their main query is whether this treatment can lead to a baby.

The statistic commonly quoted to couples may be the outcome per cycle according to maternal age. The principal reason for the frequent use of this cross-sectional statistic may be the simpleness with which it can be calculated. The nationwide reporting systems in North America, Europe, the center East, Australia, and New Zealand are list and cross-sectional IVF outcomes as pregnancies per cycle. However, this statistic offers limited value for individual patients since it does not account for the potential dependence on multiple IVF cycles and the likely difference in achievement between the first-time patient and person who did not become pregnant in previous attempts.Rafferty said.

A quarter of individuals admitted to Scottish ICUs have alcohol problems A quarter of patients admitted to Scottish intensive care units have alcohol problems and nearly all those have chronic alcohol disease, with particular problems among men and younger people. Those are fundamental findings of a study of all 24 Scottish intensive treatment units, carried out by the Scottish Intensive Care Audit Group and published on-line early by Anaesthesia, ahead of inclusion within an issue.