MRIs Before Breast Malignancy Surgery on the Rise: Study: THURSDAY.

So, the level to which MRI affected treatment decisions isn’t clear, she said. What’s needed, Lehman stated, isn’t only consistent guidelines on the usage of preoperative MRI, but even more research on how best to use the MRI outcomes in guiding treatment. For instance, if a woman with breast malignancy is available to have two ‘quadrants’ – – or areas – – with cancer, the typical recommendation is to have a mastectomy, she said. ‘If she had a pre-op MRI and two quadrants [were found to have cancers], it may be possible to have two little lumpectomies,’ Lehman explained.This acquisition allows TeleConcepts to leverage AbleNet’s infrastructure to greatly help fuel development for both companies. ‘We discover TeleConcepts as an essential component of our corporate mission to serve individuals with disabilities. TeleConcepts allows us to invest in the hard of hearing part of the market,’ stated AbleNet CEO Jennifer Thalhuber. ‘This acquisition may also help us expand our ability to reach our current customers and create consciousness for new services and products even more quickly.’ Marcy Walker, Co-Founder and Vice-President of TeleConcepts, agrees. ‘We’ve spent over 25 years creating a business serving many clients including hearing help dispensers and professionals, calling people to make sure the benefits are got by them of the latest technology.