Duarte – Franco, the trial coordinator. Contact:.. Epidemiologists, Marie-Elise Parent Institut Armand – Frappier, University of Quebec, James Hanley of McGill University will ensure that the predictive tool refined and tested in three phases, to ensure that it profiles early ovarian cancer as precisely as possible. In Phase I we will identify an accurate symptom profile and to develop recognize reliable instrumental diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer.

Of the 2400 new women diagnosed more than 75 percent more than 75 percent of the disease. Four women die per day in Canada from ovarian cancer, because most in the advanced stages of the disease will be diagnosed. However, if the cancer detected early will survive more than 80 percent. – By the time women present us with ovarian cancer over 60 percent are already in stage three and four – very advanced stages of cancer, said gynecologic oncologist, Prafull Ghatage of Calgary, Tom Baker Cancer Centre.Said that said that the country is a situation in which a woman that must pregnant pregnancy can be must must avoid , adding a quiet one, a quiet and high-level debate with the elaboration the best of the best available contribution required. Abortions has been decriminalized in Spain in the year 1985 and conducted the number of abortions in the past 10 years almost doubled, although the procedure is still disputed on traditional Catholic state, according to Reuters. She added: There has to ensure geographic equality of, be changed there no difference between the Autonomous Communities (Reuters..

The law currently allows people to abortions during the first 12 weeks of of pregnancy in cases of rape, 22 weeks at an fetal malformation , and anytime if a shrink noted that a woman the physical or mental health could be endangered. Abortions Teams mention the last CategoryID a ‘loophole is abused rough ‘, and of the Association of Accredited abortion mills has estimated that the vast majority which estimated to 100,000 annual abortions in Spain belong to this category, that AP / Times reports. Following Aido, the law must be changed ensure consistency the application in all Spain 17 semi-autonomous regions of , because some areas it difficult women, method and reliable public financing .