Could WAY TOO MANY Refined Carbs Make You Depressed?

7, 2015 – – Refined carbohydrates – – such as for example those found in white bread, white rice and sodas – – may harm a lot more than the waistlines of older women. New research demonstrates eating an excessive amount of these highly processed foods may also raise their risk of depression. Luckily, the opposite also appears to be true: The analysis also found that those who ate plenty of whole grains, vegetables, dietary and fruits fiber appeared to see their risk for depression drop. The study involved a lot more than 70,000 women aged 50 to 79. The results, the investigators said, only show an association between ‘refined’ carbs and elevated depression risk, rather than a direct cause-and-effect relationship.My speculation is normally that he was under the influence of methane, stemming from his job as driver of a hog farming transportation pickup truck. And since he’ll be dead by 2012, there is no justification to lock him up. Just let him ascend the ladder that boils down out from the clouds. If you’re not taking my pharmaceutical quality fish oil yet, you might be susceptible to the rumble of the doom and gloomers, the global warming alarmists, the food law enforcement, the twentytwelver’s, the Obamanoids, the Gorecrats, and several additional fakers and charlatans.