Alleged sex offender not really a authorized physiotherapist.

Alleged sex offender not really a authorized physiotherapist, confirms the faculty of Physiotherapists of Ontario THE FACULTY of Physiotherapists of Ontario, the business entrusted by government and the public to modify the over 7,000 physiotherapists in the province, was distressed to listen to of the alleged abuse of a 15 year old female by an individual claiming to supply physiotherapy services. The College clarifies for the general public that Sedat Ozdemir is not a registered physiotherapist in Ontario. Registered physiotherapists must meet requirements of competence ahead of sign up in the province .

But attitudes seem different elsewhere. The Korean health ministry is usually reportedly looking into allegations that the Seoul-based company RNL Bio offered free stem cell remedies to politicians and superstars in return for guarantees of eased rules on stem cell therapies. (Stem cell remedies are unlawful in Korea. The actions comes in response to reports that two people died once they received stem cell shots from RNL as anti-aging treatments. Beyond its borders, RNL Bio seems to be gaining a foothold in the US also.