The teenage pregnancy price is higher than in lots of other countries.

About Birth Control: What Parents Need to Know One of the toughest decisions that a lot of teens encounter is whether to have sex. Teens who opt to become sexually active must take responsibility to remain protected from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases . In the usa, the teenage pregnancy price is higher than in lots of other countries. Approximately 750,000 teen girls become pregnant every year and most of them don’t intend to. In addition to avoiding unplanned pregnancies, sexually active teenagers must protect themselves from STDs — which means that condoms must be used every right time. The most effective method of birth control is abstinence. The American Academy of Pediatrics has said that sex education which includes information about both abstinence and contraceptive is the best approach to keep down the price of teen pregnancy.How Parents Can Convenience Transition to First Quality: – MONDAY, Aug. 17, 2015 – – Parents can easy a child’s transition from kindergarten to the brand new demands of first quality, an expert says. The sudden introduction of new abilities and responsibilities of 1st grade can be an exciting yet stressful knowledge for both the kid and their parents, said Beth Pendergraft, an early on childhood coordinator in the division of teacher education at Georgia Regents University. However, if parents can remain positive and patient with their child along with keeping open up communication with the instructor, it will help everyone get yourself a good grip on this new journey, she said in a university information release. You can talk to your child’s teacher to find out what skills will be taught through the school year and incorporate those skills into daily family routines, she suggested.