Including 4 deaths.

Currently, the outbreak is apparently limited to the environs of Yambio; nevertheless, neighbouring countries have already been notified. At this stage, WHO recommends no special restrictions on travel or trade seeing that a total consequence of this outbreak.. 19 cases, including 4 deaths, of Ebola haemorrhagic fever southern Sudan By 24 May 2004, the health authorities of Yambio County have reported a total of 19 cases, including 4 deaths, of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Yambio, Western Equatoria, south Sudan. Laboratory tests performed by the Kenya Medical Study Institute and by the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention United States have confirmed EHF.There is little overall modification in the MSFC scores from baseline to two years , and the altered mean total MSFC z rating at 24 months did not differ significantly between the laquinimod group and the placebo group . MRI End Points Laquinimod reduced the mean cumulative amount of gadolinium-enhancing lesions , as compared with placebo . The mean cumulative amount of fresh or enlarged lesions on T2-weighted images at 12 and 24 months was also reduced in the laquinimod group .87 percent vs.30 percent; imply difference, 0.43 %age factors; P<0.001) . Safety Profile and Adverse Occasions Zero deaths occurred in the laquinimod group, and 3 deaths occurred in the placebo group . A total of 122 significant adverse events were reported in 11.1 percent of sufferers receiving laquinimod , and 90 were reported in 9.5 percent of those receiving placebo ; events occurring in at least 2 patients in the laquinimod group and those occurring at a higher rate of recurrence in the laquinimod group than in the placebo group are proven in Table 3Table 3Serious Adverse Events, Adverse Events, and Elevated Liver-Enzyme Amounts.