For patients with severe mucopolysaccharidosis.

Some mucopolysaccharidoses can be temporarily treated with enzyme replacement therapies, but the body’s blood-brain barrier blocks neurological benefit. There is currently no cure. – ‘Masquerade The three approved drugs on the market, the genetic defect by supplementing the missing enzymes,’said Esko. But alsop, storage in many organs, but not the brain because the enzymes do not cross the barrier. And they are very, very expensive. ‘.. For patients with severe mucopolysaccharidosis, the consequences temporarily catastrophic.

The combined accumulation of heparan sulfate with dermatan, researchers said, some of the different pathological features of Sanfilippo disease to explain. The emergence of dermatan as an additional biomarker for Sanfilippo disease could be useful in detection and diagnosis, though Esko said studies of patients are performed remain tissue biopsies or blood or urine samples. – Right now, this discovery is probably not the current therapy for Sanfilippo said Lamanna, But it is better to what we how the disease works and how do you to diagnose it. .

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