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‘Barely eight weeks in office, Obama is definitely trapped between the jaws of a tightening vise. Using one side, Republicans refuse to countenance further federal government involvement in health care; on the additional, liberal Democrats insist Obama keep his campaign pledge to ensure the estimated 50 million Americans who are without protection can afford medical health insurance.’ And Obama’s poll numbers continue to slip. That’s down from 60 % at the 100-day mark in his presidency.’ ‘Leaving the specifics to Congress provides allowed debate to drag on, with three potential bills heading this fall to the homely house floor.Acupuncture, for example, has been demonstrated to be effective at reducing nerve pain, and is being tested as a remedy for scorching flashes for women who can’t take hormones . Mind-body therapies like meditation and hypnosis are getting studied as methods to help control pain from medical procedures. Music therapy might help relieve depressive disorder in sufferers who are experiencing stem cell transplants. Doctors also have to understand which therapies are bogus and potentially dangerous – – remedies typically considered substitute because patients could use them instead of scientifically studied treatments.