ADHD in children associated with stress and melancholy during pregnancy By Dr Ananya Mandal.

An exhibition, ‘Lifelong Wellness: The Bioscience of Ageing’, organised by the publically-funded Biotechnology and Biotechnology Study Council and Medical Study Council with respect to Analysis Councils UK , will be launched today in Westminster . The exhibition will explain how UK scientists will work together to overcome essential challenges presented by an ageing human population. Both the exhibition and accompanying talks shall discuss how people can stay healthy and mobile for longer.Once Earth’s people come to realize, for instance, that matter is consciousness , the implications will demand profound rethinking of issues such as compassion for animals, spiritual beliefs and self identification. This is the really thrilling stuff that’s headed our method. But we’ll never get to an increased understanding of consciousness if we remain ‘specialists’ limited by our tiny alcoves of knowledge. To really work as intelligent members of a competition that has been advertised as ‘advanced,’ we must expand not only the depth of our knowledge but the breadth of our understanding.