According to a scholarly study conducted by researchers from Duke University.

‘If this disease is certainly a car, arginine [is] its fuel,’ Van Houtan said. Invasive algae worsening scenario’In this paper we drill down on whether surplus nitrogen inputs are leading to a nutrient cascade in the system that’s ending up in these tumors in green turtles.’ Consistent with their hypothesis, the experts found that, in areas highly polluted by nitrogen-rich runoff, both algae and FP tumors were high in arginine unusually, whereas algae in less-polluted regions and non-tumorous turtle tissue had very low degrees of the amino acid. Notably, the analysis also showed an invasive species of reddish colored algae, Hypnea musciformis, had considerably higher degrees of arginine than indigenous algae species.Significantly, most of the college students were from middle-class families. ‘There was nothing extreme or broken about these homes,’ Wang stressed. ‘These were not 'high-risk' families. We can assume there are a great number of families like this-there's an okay romantic relationship between children and parents, and the parents care about their children and don't want them to activate in problem behaviors.’ Males comprised 51 % of the analysis subjects, while 54 % had been European American, 40 % African American, and 6 % from additional ethnic backgrounds.