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Boston University. The study was funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and by grants from the National Institute for diabetes and digestive and kidney Diseases and the National Center for Research Resources.. ###Co-authors of the NEJM report, Peter Shrader, and Jose Florez, MGH Department of Medicine, Jarred McAteer, MGH Center for Human Genetic Research, Lisa Sullivan, Jos e Dupuis, Alisa Manning, and Adrienne Cupples, Boston University School of Public Health, Caroline Fox, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Framingham Heart Study, Peter Wilson, Emory University School of medicine and Ralph D’Agostino Sr.Watched, also a UCSF professor for medicine and co-author Kaveh G. Shojania, – UCSF assistant professor of medicine, pioneer one of those – based approach to doctrine physicians, nurses, admins and patient about medical errors. Your case approach first appeared in a row in the Annals of Internal Medicine called Quality Grand Rounds and later on in her government-sponsored web-based medical mistakes journal AHRQ WebM & M ( -.

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