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2010 funding system for Inova Lifestyle Sciences – George Mason University research collaboration open What do you get when you combine a world-class health program with an innovative, entrepreneurial university? An extremely successful study collaboration. For greater than a decade, experts at Northern Virginia’s Inova Health System and George Mason University have already been collaborating on groundbreaking analysis on obesity, liver cancer and disease site . In 2009 2009, the two took the relationship one step additional with the establishment of the Inova Lifestyle Sciences Study Collaboration Fund – George Mason University in which Inova Health System provided Mason with $1 million to stimulate and enhance collaborative study in the life sciences.

The Alliance was founded to respond to the want for a specialist, professional intermediary organisation which works in effective partnership with community-based and non-governmental organisations in developing countries, in addition to with national governments, private and open public donors and the UN program. The Alliance’s objective is to aid communities in developing countries to play a full and effective role in the global response to AIDS. IDA ARV Procurement Services B.V. Since its begin in 1972 International Dispensary Association Foundation supplies essential medicines and medical supplies to several hundred low and middle class countries. The Foundation’s principal goal can be to facilitate the usage of quality assured medicines at the lowest possible cost in developing countries also to areas in distress.