Number authorities zero casualties objective for road safety is started.

Number authorities zero casualties objective for road safety is started, statistics have not improvedThe zero vision has become obsolete. Ten years after the Norwegian authorities is its zero victims target for the safety starts on the road, statistics have not improved.

Since the mid 1990’ies the number of people killed in traffic accidents has not decreased significantly. 560 people in traffic accidents in traffic accidents in 1970. Fifteen years later , the number was is less than 300 The National Transport Plan 2002-2014 in 1999 in 1999 to life, and the zero – vision with him. Since then, the number of deaths has remained largely unchanged. The zero vision more attention to more attention to road safety, the actual number found no significant short-term gains to date Langeland says.The researchers share an individual strain, brushed on mice in a colony of otherwise bacteria-free mice. This study bacteria developed to be a structures the she make make things remain. The scientists learn hoping the molecular would affect the interaction between the bacterial and the mice.

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