Typists and other health professionals use these services to produce.

It uses transparent embedded technology, the front – and back-end speech recognition, workflow improvements, and uses the Internet. ZyDoc is a development partner with SUNY Computer Sciences at Stony Brook, a ScanSoft platinum dealer, and an IBM Premier Business Partner Speech.. About ZyDoc.com societyZyDoc is an award-winning transcription service and software companies the automated electronic health-record documentation and infrastructure ASP legacy replacement solutions offers. Typists and other health professionals use these services to produce, organize, and distribute multi-specialty patient electronic medical records in Community Health Information Network .

Given the severity of the hurricane and widespread disruption of services, ZyDoc recognizes the need to meet the needs of healthcare providers for medical transcription and document management.

Steve Koski, CEO and President of ZyDoc explains the operational aspects of transcription and medical records service as follows: Health-care able able to hand-held digital recorder or the ZyDoc TelDoc 800 toll free servers dictate ZyDoc. Transcription to deliver services, usually with overnight service where available, selected for these documents or provide Internet – based ASP delivery of the voice files to the transcriptionists of the healthcare user. Once transcribed, documents and voice files are available immediately and securely via Internet access from any PC with a browser and stored for later access.The American Examines debate on Uganda HIV / AIDS campaign, Condom shortage.

The Financial Times studied on Monday the debate Uganda HIV / AIDS prevention campaign, supporters say, has postponed longer more on abstinence from and less on condoms. The Ugandan govern ‘at the center a highly charged debate over use of condoms and the influence of religion and the U.S. Government ‘in the country in the fight against HIV / AIDS, according to the Times (England, Financial Times, UN Special Representative for HIV / AIDS in the Africa Stephen Lewis and any other AIDS advocate August said the Bush administration is to support abstinence prevention programs and reductions of federal funds for condoms has contributed a condom shortage Uganda and undermines in the country HIV / AIDS combat.

San Francisco Department of Public Health civil servants proposed on Friday, as much as 25 million U.S. Dollars budget cuts for the financial year 2005 – 2006, reports including reductions of appropriations for benefits people with HIV / AIDS, San Francisco Chronicle. Although the Department healthcare of the 1000000000 U.S. Dollars budget by $ by $ 33m in fiscal 2005-2006, inflation, Last requirements and fixed are require officials make budget cutbacks, in accordance with the Chronicle. In San Francisco Director of Public Health Dr. Mitch Spite proposed two rows of budgetary cuts : first $ 14,000 cut and a second $ 10,000 average only applied if Mayor Gavin Newsom determine there is a need to city of closing $ 102,000 budget deficit in.