Leica Microsystems enter worldwide collaboration on RNA ISH analysis Affymetrix.

Over 1000 standard probes are already available and it takes merely a few times to make a personalized probe for a new gene target. This means researchers can have access to same-day assay completion and today, with a standardized staining protocol, rapid set-up for any probe. George Bers, Vice President and General Manager of Expression Business Device – Panomics at Affymetrix says that: ‘We are excited by this partnership with Leica as it unlocks the real potential of single-copy RNA analysis and we believe it’ll accelerate the discovery of essential new medications and the validation of novel companion checks.’ Arnd Kaldowski, President of Leica Biosystems, agrees stating ‘While medical science has generated powerful new remedies that significantly enhance lives, there are many disease states where we have to discover better treatments still, or even cures.Of six tumors that acquired an objective imaging response, the response was taken care of in four tumors at the last imaging follow-up 11 to 16 months following the initiation of treatment. Three tumors remained stable during bevacizumab treatment, and one patient had an increase in tumor volume of 32 percent.87; r2=0.75; P=0.001) Actions during Treatment with Bevacizumab.). In the single patient with full DCE-MRI data , a measure of blood flow and vascular permeability reduced by 68 percent, tumor blood volume reduced by 77 percent, tumor blood circulation decreased by 51 percent, mean transit period decreased by 9 percent, and the common vessel size decreased by 70 percent at three months . Twelve months after the initiation of treatment, procedures of blood circulation and vascular permeability continued to fall.