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Mueller served as moderator. Throughout a special presentation, Dr. Loeppke highlighted converging developments demonstrating that the U.S. Healthcare cost-crisis has been driven by a growing epidemic of chronic illnesses largely, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A commitment to preventive medication would help reduce the responsibility of disease and its associated economic burden to your entire society, unleash financial and clinical resources through the enhanced capacity of physicians and hospitals, improve the health and productivity of our nation's workforce and, ultimately, enhance the vitality of our nation's overall economy, he said.‘The discharge of Adalat XL Plus responds right to patients’ needs by improving simplicity, enabling better individual compliance and, most important, resulting in better health care outcomes.’ Adalat XL, an antihypertensive and antianginal, received its initial NOC in 1992, and can be indicated for the treating chronic stable angina and gentle to moderate hypertension. Aspirin received NOC for a low-dose 81-mg formulation in 1998 for use as a physician-supervised daily preventative therapy. In Canada, hypertension results in even more patient visits to your physician than any additional diagnosis, with over 20 million visits each year. Hypertension is definitely a risk factor for cerebrovascular disease, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, renal failing, peripheral vascular disease, dementia and atrial fibrillation.