9/11 Dust Woman.

9/11 Dust Woman, Marcy Borders, dies of cancer NEW YORK – – The photo of a woman coated in dust and ash was among the iconic images of September 11, 2001. Marcy Borders, then a 28-year-aged legal assistant, became referred to as the Dust Woman erectile dysfunction pills . Now, nearly 14 years later, Borders has died of cancer. On the full day of the attacks, Borders was doing work for Lender of America in the Globe Trade Center. She made it down from the 81st floor and stepped onto the sidewalk as the South Tower begun to fall, CBS New York reports. That’s when photographer Stan Honda captured the famous image of Borders protected in ash and searching just like a ghost. Borders, a mom of two who lived in Bayonne, New Jersey, was identified as having stomach cancer this past year.

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