The word radiosurgery is usually a misnomer truly.

If the effectiveness is valued in Indian context Stereotactic radiation therapy techniques are very affordable as theyensure shortened treatment period and lesser number of visits to the hospital. Since it can be an outpatient treatment the price of hospitalisation further decreases. Since the option of state of the art radiation therapy service is very sparse and mainly confined to metropolitan metropolitan areas patients have to travel from much flung areas and spend at times many a few months for availing these services. Hypo-fractionation as achieved by SRS and SRT decreases the individual and family stay for the treatment .The results are rewarding when it comes to outcome of the carefully selected patients as all patients might not be the suitable candidates for this form of therapy..Lin He, a respected genomic researcher at Shanghai Jiao Tong and Fudan Universities and an associate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This will significantly raise the likelihood of finding effective associations in my schizophrenia analysis and in the hypertension project led by my colleague, Dr. Dong Feng Gu of Beijing Fuwai Hospital. Both projects are funded by China’s Ministry of Research and Technology. The Chinese myDesign Genotyping Array will enable researchers to characterize the genetic basis of disease in Chinese populations and leverage high genomic insurance from additional Asian populations, rendering it a powerful, high-throughput tool for human disease research.