The Pre-Summit on Gender will focus on maternal and child medical issues.

The Pre-Summit on Gender will focus on maternal and child medical issues, the Daily Monitor writes. ‘Leaders at the interacting with are expected to agree there are still challenges in reducing maternal and child deaths generally across most African countries,’ based on the publication generic tadalafil online .doc). The record notes: ‘Improving maternal wellness is one of the eight Millennium Advancement Goals followed by the worldwide community at the US Millennium Summit in 2000. In Millennium Development Goal 5 , countries have focused on reducing the maternal mortality ratio by three quarters between 1990 and 2015. Achieving Millennium Development Goal 5 requires accelerating progress.’ The document also highlights the guidelines the AU has taken to cope with reducing maternal and child mortality .

Furthermore, in the last couple of years, clinical trials also have shown that medical man circumcision can be able to preventing HIV an infection in heterosexual men. Recently, in October, results from a big medical trial with over 16,000 individuals in Thailand provided evidence for the first time that it is possible to reduce the risk of HIV illness with a vaccine. We have to continue the get for comprehensive HIV avoidance, Warren added. That means perfecting strategies and ensuring access for all who want them to existing HIV avoidance and treatment options, including male and female condoms, behavior modification counseling, male circumcision, clean needles, harm reduction and antiretroviral drugs; ensuring continued research to find effective new options, including microbicides, prEP and vaccines; and planning to integrate these brand-new interventions into combination applications.