43 percent of youths admit to texting while driving.

Furthermore, teenagers who reported texting while traveling were more likely to engage in other risky behaviors such as driving while impaired of alcohol, having unprotected sex and using an inside tanning device. ‘By identifying connected high-risk behaviors such as these,’ Bailin said, ‘it really is our hope that people can develop more effective mechanisms to lessen texting while driving.’ The researchers also discovered that state laws banning texting while driving had little impact: 39 % of teens reported texting in claims where it is illegal vs.Identification of gene expression abnormalities would help monitor the development of reproductive techniques prior to their application to routine medical practice, said Dr. Takeuchi.. ‘Active’ video games help obese kids lose weight One of the best & most effective of fitness programs recently is the National Football League’s ‘Play 60’ plan, which uses professional soccer players to encourage children to access least an hour’s worthy of of physical activity in per day, through personal visits and sponsored applications.