Chelsea La Bate is a poet, composer, songwriter, performer. She likes sparkly things. She likes solitude and long walks by the sea. She constructs songs with colored markers, a notebook, a rhyming dictionary, a kids keyboard and a guitar.

She went to the same school as Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen Dylan Thomas, Patti Smith, and Bob Dylan – it’s called New York City. Her dad did not pay for it. She lived in a monastery overlooking the Chelsea Hotel. She had to wake up very early. The bed was very small. She wrote and prayed a lot. She spent every night in a bar listening to music. Playing music. Eating music.

She played in the Anti-Folk scene in the Lower East Side. She is not against folk. She went to the open mic at 7pm on Mondays at SideWalk Cafe. She had to buy a drink. The waitress was named Crystal and she was very nice. People who played there that she liked were- Kimya Dawson, Langhorne Slim, Jaymay, Darwin Deez, Wakey! Wakey!, Ivan Sandomire, Dan Asselin, Paleface, Regina Spektor, The Fools and The Creaky Boards. It was a lottery but she would always get #1-15. It lasted until 3am. Lach would give everyone mint tea at the end. She liked it when Mike Grubbs banged on the piano and sang in his theater voice. She would pass out little slips of paper with drawings and invitations to her shows. They would have a poem on the back. These cost ten cents to print at the monastery. She would pay in dimes.

Chelsea Lynn has won contests because live contests are like playing poker. You have to save your good cards for the end, or bluff or know the judges. She has a lot of good cards. She won first place First Place in Eddies Attic Competition (other winners John Mayer, The Indigo Girls, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mullins), 2nd Place Flat Rock Song Writer’s Competition, Songwriter’s Association of America Song of the Year, First Place in the Songwriter’s Brown Bag Competition and was a Top finalist Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition, a live songwriting competition that begins it’s first round with over 600 artists in the Brooklyn area. She got big rolls of cash and cd printings and advertisements and hive fives and sparkly things.

Ten Cent Poetry averages over 200 performances a year. When she plays for Grandma Ruth in St. Augustine Florida, this counts. Grandma Ruth is 95. Chelsea Lynn plays classical, electric and banjo-guitar. She collects violins, violas, and cellos. She kicks the snotty ones out. She is the boss. The fun ones get to play in Ten Cent Orchestra. Ten Cent Orchestra has classical string arrangements by Silas Durocher. They do not wear tuxedos. They like parts in the music where the notes go real fast.

Songwriter + Classical Orchestra Arrangements = Ten Cent Orchestra

Chelsea Lynn likes stage installations, animations, and lots of talking in between songs.  She lives in Asheville, NC, writes everyday and swims in a vintage swim cap. She likes managers, drivers, tour vans, press assistants, fancy music videos, sound guys, and documentarians, although she does not have any of these yet.

Ten Cent shows have or may include these FINE players:

  • Lyndsey Pruett – Violin
  • Merissa Gail – Violin
  • Gina Caldwell – Violin
  • Kara Poorbaugh – Violin
  • Ashley Cofield – Violin
  • David Sabogal – Viola
  • Chloe Stuber – Viola
  • Patrick O’Neil – Cello
  • Franklin Keel – Cello
  • Kevin Lampson – Stand Up Bass
  • Alex Krug – Vocals, Guitar
  • Dave Fox – Percussion