The 10 best-selling brand-name medicines have generated $48.

Lyrica – $3.4 billion This antiepileptic drug was first approved to treat patients with diabetic and postherpetic neuropathic pain. It provides since been indicated as adjunctive therapy for mature epilepsy patients. Lyrica is the sixth-most prescribed brand-name medication this full year, with about 10.1 million prescriptions written. READ ON >> 9. Januvia – $3.8 billion In 2014, drug experts analyzed insurance statements from more than 7000 individuals with hospitalizations linked to heart failure and decided that this diabetes drug increased the risk of HF hospitalizations by 84 percent. Last month, nevertheless, the biggest study analyzing this relationship to time discredited this finding. US suppliers have written 9.2 million prescriptions for Januvia this year, rendering it the eighth-most overall recommended drug.A separate Agence France-Presse content examines how Lennox is normally drawing attention to human rights in the global fight against HIV/AIDS at Helps 2010: ‘Financing the fight AIDS ‘should not end up being something charitable, [Lennox] told AFP within an interview,’ the news service writes. Rise Of HIV/AIDS In E. European countries, C. Asia In the mean time, the Associated Press reports on what injection drug use is contributing to the rising quantity of new HIV/AIDS infections in Eastern European countries and Central Asia – another topic taking middle stage at AIDS 2010. ‘An estimated 1.