Challenged by anxiety and stress.

Did you know that the human brain comprises quite a lot of fat? If you would like to avoid being ‘mind dead’ – be sure to include lots of omega-3’s in your diet. Naturally, these days especially, you need to be careful about the standard of fat you eat. If you’re not comfortable eating fish – several times per week – then a top quality omega-3 supplement of about 500 – 1,000 mg each day could help improve human brain function. This week’s guest: Dr. Holly Lucille, a nationally-recognized leader in naturopathic medicine Discover ways to improve storage, brain function and remove chronic strain in your life – Thu. Nov. 8 Dr. Holly Lucille is certainly a nationally regarded and licensed naturopathic general practitioner, an educator and a natural products consultant.Professor Burks says future treatments are all concentrated around curbing the immune response or causing the disease fighting capability to tolerate a specific food allergen, by introducing designed peanut proteins as immunotherapy possibly, where the food is ingested in significantly larger amounts regularly. Professor Burks who is a food allergy expert, believes within the next five years that there will be some type of immunotherapy available for peanut allergenic individuals.