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Ten Cent Poetry

Photo : Sooz White

Photo : Sooz White

October 2014

Dear Beloved Ears and Hearts,

I have so many DREAM CAKES in the oven that I want to share with you – – My first DREAM CAKE is my (new) little 1907 home in downtown Asheville. I bought it by saving up funds from CD sales and shows. It took 3 intense years of HARD CORE touring. (There were definitely some weeks of peanut butter sandwiches to put the funding aside). Here is a video about the past year of transformation and madness.

COMING SOON – My new DOUBLE ALBUM of songs! I will be recording my Ten Cent Orchestra for the first time. Then I have a very fresh collection of songs that I wrote at Penland School of Crafts this past summer. These songs are ROOTED. They are MOUNTAINS. They are FIREFLY and FOREST and HATCHET. They are BANJO and FALCON. They are HAND BAKED BREAD and ANGELS. For the first time I am writing from a SENSE OF PLACE. I have a HOME and it is the BLUE RIDGE. KickStarter COMinG SooN with so MANY GOODIES. . .  .

Photo: Alena Hennessy


I teach songwriting courses and am leaning towards e-courses! Once I figure out what the hell an e-course IS! and how I will ever just TALK into a COMPUTER lens! FREAKY! We will be able to CONNECT through this world wide web of love, oh yes we will. I want to hear YOUR SONG.

Next cake. I helped to launch Girls ROck Asheville this past summer. Girls Rock Camps are camps to empower, educate and spotlight young women and GROWN LADIES and are happening all over the world. Check and see if there is one CLOSE TO YOU and if they need GLITTER, GUITARS, OLD MAGAZINES, SELF DEFENSE TEACHERS, temporary tattoos, NOTE BOOKS. This is a MOVEMENT where we are raising girls and transgender youth in LOVE, in MUSIC, in a CIRCLE where THEIR VOICE is HEARD.

These are the girls’ “artist interviews” from our first camp! Not a SINGLE family had to come up with MONEY to have their young women participate.

I wish you joy and orange and red and yellow this fall. I wish you the COURAGE to wake up into your dream and to seek out those of us who are there to support you.

In Song, Chelsea Lynn La Bate

Chelsea Lynn La Bate

 Year in Review Letter. January 2013.

Dear Ten Cent Poetry Friends, Fans and Supporters,

This past year I have continued to work as a full time independent poet, songwriter and composer. As Ten Cent Poetry, I played 216 shows throughout the South East in 2012 and am happy to announce that all of the efforts to bring Ten Cent Orchestra to fruition culminated in a successful and enchanting debut performance on December 20, 2012 in downtown  Asheville. I began sketching out the logo, writing the spoken word  narration, drawing animations to go with that poem, video recording, meeting with arranger, Silas Durocher, to discuss and hammer out string parts  for violin, viola and cello , scouting venues, calling string players, securing rehearsal spaces, designing posters, drafting press releases A YEAR AGO. It all came together, beautifully. Strings at my side, friends and fans in  the audience. We performed 8 full length  Ten Cent Poetry originals and will continue to bring you these live string performances throughout 2013. Silas and I will continue to write more material and the biggest show of this project will take place at the Isis Theater in West Asheville on September 27, 2013.

Ten Cent Orchestra Live – Fifty Foot Flames

All of this has been done with NO FUNDING. Fun-raising efforts are on the horizon! Please join the Ten Cent Poetry email list to be informed of upcoming performances, and please offer any support you may think we may find useful.

Carrying on the Tradition of Strings,

Chelsea Lynn La Bate


Year in Review Letter. January 2012.

Hello Lovelies, Thank you for visiting This is a place where you can come to listen to Ten Cent Poetry Songs, get updates on tour schedules and album production, watch music videos, read interviews, and follow tour blogs.

Last year was amazing. In 2011 Ten Cent Poetry played a total of 246 independent shows throughout the South East. I played the main stages of festivals with a full string section, intimate, red velvet curtained theaters, sloped front porches, laundromat parking lots, live radio shows, buzzing craft fairs, tear jerking weddings, alternative schools, private house concerts, community fundraisers and block parties. I played for thousands of dear folks like yourself, with only one blown tire, one episode of sweet talking a tow truck man, and one excruciating episode of sciatica.

In October 2011, we took a trip to Tennessee and recorded a Ten Cent Poetry LIVE album at the WDVX Blue Plate Special featuring unreleased songs “The Spice Market,” “Throw a Little Glitter in My Eyes,” “Into the Woods,” “The River Rises.” We also took a trip to Greensboro and had the honor of making a music video with Monkeywhale for the song “The Spice Market.” Check it out below.

I have grown quite fond of playing house shows. These intimate gatherings strike my strings and hold all of the reasons we come together. Food, song, stories, candles, neighbors. If you would like to host a private concert in your home, I can send you an electronic pamphlet and the how to.

I begun 2012 by enjoying the magic of my hometown, recording in my home studio, drawing images for Ten Cent animated videos, and drafting plans for the biggest project yet, Ten Cent Orchestra. 2012 will bring the Ten Cent Poetry Orchestra, a larger than life display of song, combined with rich costumes and projected imagery.

The Ten Cent Poetry Orchestra will debut in Asheville, NC. Please use this site to join the mailing list, find upcoming shows (I am always playing somewhere), stay tuned with projects and donate and contribute to the path of song. Thanks for all of your clapping and high fives, all of the emails of encouragement that you send, every ticket you buy and every dollar you put in the tip jar to keep the Ten Cent Poetry mission ALIVE. In Song, Chelsea Lynn La Bate